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Marvel Comics Year 1993 The Uncanny X-men Series 5 Inch Tall Action Figure - The Original Mutant Super Heroes - 5TH Edition Wolverine With Twist-action Knife Thrust, Pivoting Mask And 6 Battle Knives Plus Official Marvel Universe Trading Card

Rating 4
Comics Year 1993 The Uncanny Xmen Series

I really liked that it had figure measured approximately 5 inch tall. Other features include things like produced in year 1993 and for age 5 and up. Keep in mind you may get a fantastic present for children without spending a lot We would like you to get the best price when purchasing a toy for your collectors. Please check out the button below.


Model: 49103
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Before his transformation into the super hero named Wolverine, the man called Logan plied his trade as on the list of world's foremost secret agents! And his unequaled skill with razor edged weapons developed him an unbeatable fighter - much towards the regret of the enemies of world peace! His superhuman senses proved an invaluable asset within the realm of espionage, specifically when enhanced by basically the most sophisticated sensing equipment money could buy!


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