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Hero Clix: Wolverine # 73 (rookie) - Infinity Challenge

Hero Clix: Wolverine # 734 Star Rating
Hero Clix Wolverine 73
Brand New Hero Clix: Wolverine # 73 (rookie) - Infinity Challenge

Hero Clix: Wolverine - a great item manufactured by Wizkids is a very entertaining and intersting hero toy! USCIDU-7723-L-4060-073-UPM-WTN is the part number for this product. The feature characteristics are this is a rookie item, part of the infinity challenge set. and collector number 73. Brand new Hero Clix: Wolverine , click on the hyperlink below.

hero clix wolverine rookie infinity challenge

Publisher: WizKids
MPN: USCIDU-7723-L-4060-073-UPM-WTN

Product Description

Hero Clix: Wolverine # 73 (Rookie) - Infinity Challenge. In the past nine years over 3 thousand of them have been individually molded, decorated and bound by a widespread set of rules. Since debuting in 2002, Hero Clix has stood out among each of the superhero action RPG games thanks to its ever expanding gallery of miniature figures that do double duty as game pieces and as tiny works of art.

  • Collector number 73.
  • This is a Rookie item.
  • For use with the Hero Clix game.
  • Part of the Infinity Challenge set.

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