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Marvel Wolverine Titan Hero Series Wolverine Figure

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Marvel Wolverine Titan Hero Series Wolverine
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These toys are being well received so is seeing good online sales. Exciting to play superheroes now with Marvel Wolverine Titan Hero Series Wolverine . I certainly loved that the item had send this awesome wolverine figure slashing into the fray. Other highlights include mutant superhero and awesome wolverine figure. It's dimensions are 12.01"H x 2.01"L x 4.02"W. It has got a weight of 0.65 lbs. Marvel Wolverine Titan Hero Series Wolverine , add to cart by selecting the hyperlink below.


Model: A3321000
UPS: 653569859567
Package Quantity: 1

Battling evil with ferocious strength, heightened senses, and razor-sharp claws, Wolverine is not just a hero; he's the best at what he does. At 12 inches tall, Titan Hero Series figures bring home the larger-than-life feel of your favorite Marvel characters. Celebrate the legendary warrior with this Titan Hero Series Wolverine figure.

Titan Hero Series figures function the most important names inside the Marvel universe sized for big-time action. This large-size Wolverine figure functions a classic Wolverine costume and 5 points of articulation. (Additional Titan Hero Series figures are each sold separately. Look for much more Titan Hero Series figures featuring your favorite Marvel characters.) View bigger It's the most significant heroes, now in bigger scale! Each 12-inch Titan Hero Series figure features tougher construction developed with maximum play value in mind.

Claws are only component of what makes Wolverine so powerful. Whether battling on his personal or teaming up using the X-Men, Wolverine can't be stopped! Kept young and healthy by his mutant healing ability, which enables him to regenerate after battle, Wolverine has learned more ways to fight than any person before him. The unbreakable metal fused to his skeleton protects him from enemy attacks, and his claws are fearsome, equally indestructible weapons. View larger His ferocious animal instincts make him a fearless warrior for justice. You can generate your personal Wolverine adventures with this 12-inch figure.

Fans and collectors of all ages can bring residence their favorite Marvel heroes with large-sized Titan Hero Series figures. (Each figure sold separately.) View larger Every single 12-inch figure functions 5 points of articulation and tougher construction for strength and durability. Collect your favorite Marvel characters with the Titan Hero Series.


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