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Diamond Select Toys San Diego Comic-con 2013 Wolverine Saga Minimates Box Set

Rating 4
Toys San Diego Comiccon 2013 Wolverine

A lot of fun to play super heroes with Toys San Diego Comic-con . I definitely loved that the product had figures stand 2" tall with multiple points of articulation. Other features consist of a 2013 san diego comic-con exclusive and from diamond select toys. It's 0.5"H x 2"L x 1"W. Great deal on Toys San Diego Comic-con . Should you need a great deal for this Wolverine toy, check out our partners via the add to cart button.

Diamond Select Toys

Model: MAY138000
UPS: 699788729755
Package Quantity: 1

Note - Due to the restricted production run this item may sell out and all orders may possibly not fill. Material: Plastic Four faces in the multi-faceted Marvel Comics hero â €"Logan-san, Spacesuit Wolverine, Ultimate Wolverine, and Symbiote Wolverine â €"come together in this set of 2 â € Minimates. LIMITED TO 3000 PIECES! Item Size: 2 inches tall.


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