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Uncanny X-men Wolverine I (first Edition) Action Figure

Rating 4
Uncanny Xmen Wolverine I

Uncanny X-men Wolverine I is just cool to play with. The EAN-13 barcode aka the "International Article Number", for this is 0035112049012. I do believe you will like that the toy comes along with this feature, snap-out claws! slide the wrist switch to expose slashing claws!. Other highlights consist of toy biz 1991. The Wolverine toy weighs approximately 1 lbs. Should you need a great deal on this Wolverine toy for your boys, visit the add to cart button.

Toy Biz

MPN: VF-2756-7HNM
UPS: 035112049012

Wolverine action figure with Removeable Mask, Snap-Out Claws and Sword! Wolverine also has an adamantium reinforced skeleton along with a mutant healing potential that lets him recover from wounds in minutes. Wolverine is going to be the X-Men's greatest fighter! Nobody, not even his fellow X-Men, knows anything about his past. All they know is that in battle, Wolverine is unstoppable! Includes official marvel universe trading card. Made by Toy Biz in 1991 and long out of production. Wolverine is portion of the X-Men 5 inches tall action figure line. A master of all forms of hand-to-hand combat, Wolverine also has a fearsome secret weapon - razor sharp retractable adamantium claws that might slice through anything.


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