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Wolverine Funko Force

Rating 4
Wolverine Force

A summary of features are stands by itself (no base), add to your   assortment!, extremely detailed! and official funko wobbler. 830395085227 is the UPC barcode or the Universal Product Code for this remarkable item. The toy dimensions are 5.5" Height x 3" Length x 4" Width. New Wolverine Force . I want you to get the best price when acquiring a Wolverine toy for your kids!


Model: 8522
UPS: 830395085227

He's a mutant with animal-keen senses, retractable bone claws, and a healing power that renders him virtually indestructible. 5"tall. Bobber is 5. Hand-painted PVC vinyl figure of the X-Men favorite with bobbing head strikes a menacing pose.


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