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Wolverine Notepad Holder

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Wolverine Notepad Holder

Wolverine Notepad Holder brought to you by Monogram International is an extremely cool and cool action figure doll. I actually loved that the product had sculpted notepad / business card holder comes in 4 color box. Other features include things like comes with notepad. It's dimensions are 6.75"H x 4.25"L x 4.15"W. Bear in mind you may get a great present for children without spending an arm and a leg The secrets for you to get good information about toys can be checked out a multitude of user reviews. Make certain you check out the price of toys on a number of different web pages or suppliers, to ensure that you're not shelling out more than you need to. Searching for Wolverine Notepad Holder , click the hyperlink below.

Monogram International

Model: 67373
UPS: 077764673733
Package Quantity: 1

Little is know of his past, save that it was fraught with pain and loss. Long ago, he trained as a samurai in Japan; later, he became Weapon X, an operative for the Canadian government.! Accessorize your office with great Marvel details! Special FeaturesSculpted Notepad / Business Card Holder comes in 4 Color boxHighly detailed colorful cold cast sculptWolverine crouches atop buildings at your ready to keep your notepads in placeComes with NotepadWolverine Logo and icon on the base with claw mark specifics! These items make great gifts for students and pros who still love comics! Pencil Holders, Business Card Holders, Notepad Holders, Paperweights, and Bookends! Today, Logan is an X-Man-- using his animal-keen senses, healing element and razor-sharp claws to help protect a world that fears and hates mutants!


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